Kyle Jacobson comes from a long line of farmers, leading back to Sweden, where the family farm is still in production. Kyle’s interest in growing and foraging his own food began when he read the Hatchet series, by Gary Paulsen. Kyle started to dream of running away and living off the land. 

During his time in Boy Scouts, Kyle learned to be a great steward of the land and continued to fall in love with nature. This eventually led to his environmental studies degree. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a dual major in Environmental Science and Physical Geology, with a specialization in Ecology. 

After pouring over various small-scale farming books, Kyle found himself connecting most deeply with Elliot Coleman and his farming practice of no-till, naturally grown, sustainable, high intensity, four-season farming on a 30” standard bed. The team at Jacobson Family Farms has adopted these practices to provide the Chicagoland area with produce of the highest quality, that is grown and harvested in ways that benefit our eco system. 

The idea of sustainable farming is essentially growing and harvesting today, without compromising the soil and land for the future. We use practices such as crop rotation, to ensure our soil is never depleted of essential nutrients. We use natural compost to replenish the soil. We don’t use any chemical pesticides, but instead provide a natural habitat for snakes and frogs, and other species who naturally keep pests away. Our farm works synergistically with the earth’s natural eco system. The result? Quality crops, happy wildlife, a healthy community and nutrient rich land for generations to come.